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IDChain 2.0 "Autumn rain" released

Today we are pleased to inform you about the release of Interactive Decisions Chain 2.0, below we will tell you about the key changes in this release. The roadmap of the project will be adjusted in the few days. We will also update the data on our website.

Key changes in IDChain 2.0:

ID.DEX and IDChain

Today we are opening ID.DEX website. Some of its functions are not active yet but it will be connected to ID.DEX API within 1-3 days.

Good day, IDC team here!

We want to make small adjustments to the structure of our team. Now, there we will be three "Grades":
1-st Grade - Developers or people equivalent to developers. As of right now, we only have two developers in this grade, but we are ready to accept a new developers to our team. These people are of the highest grade. They can resolve contentious situations, and they are the only people who can make key decisions on the project.

Finance report for June 2019

Please find attached finance report of IDChain project for June 2019.

We had no BTC payments in June, so report in IDC.

Finance report for June 2019

The God from Machine

Greetings, dear IDC followers. Today we have a very important announcement for you. A little more than two weeks have passed since the IDC genesis block. During these past two weeks, we focused most of our forces on the main component of our project - ID.DEX. Main events are happening today. We've changed our your mind and rescheduled the roadmap an additional point on our roadmap. We are proud to announce that we are ready to launch ID.DEX alpha.

Rewards are going to be higher than declared

First of all - about rewards and it's size

As we noticed, we are getting rewards per block higher than expected and we want to clarify this situation. We had few branches in work before release and the reward scheme of the last build/branch was:

Open VPN for our users
Service which reduce delays to our servers and helps you to be online 24/7
Dynamic Fee Reducing System
Find our why it's awesome and whats difference with other exchanges.