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Interactive Decisions
official Jabber clients.
To help you save your time, we've uploaded Jabber clients for our server here.

Openfire Jabber clients

Our Jabber cluster is running under OpenFire server. Spark is official supported client. Find your version here.


Download for Windows x64/x32


Download for Linux x64/x32


Download for MacOSX x64

3rd party Jabber clients

Psi for Widnows x64/x32

Simple and nice IM for Windows.

Pidgin for Linux x64/x32

One of the most popular IM for Linux.

Adium for MacOSX x64

Best IM client for MacOSX.

Registration in
Interactive Deciosions Chain Jabber service

Interactive Descions Chain Jabber Missing registration in IDChain Jabber? Get it here!