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Everything about Interactive Decisions Chain Coin (IDCC)

Technical section

IDC using NIST5 modified hashing algo.
Short PoW and then PoS
2 minute adjusted with DGW3 algorithm
POW block contains 10 IDCC. 8 IDC goes to miners, 2 IDC to Masternode owners. No fees for developers, charity or any funds.
POS block contains 10 IDCC. 8 IDC goes to miners, 2 IDC to Masternode owners. No fees for developers, charity or any funds. Minimum stake time is 48 hours.
Masternode requires 20 000 IDC on dedicated wallet address to run. Transcation need to have at least 6 confirmations before you can get txout records and node key.
This is a serious question. There are two points of view on that: a) After ID.DEX launch there will be no actual need to keep it running or make new releases. Our customers will get ability to POS their coins exactly on ID.DEX accounts. So no QT wallet needed. b) Masternode owners and people who just wan't to keep their IDC on cold wallet are still need it. Other way - add all this to ID.DEX GUI, but in practice it a lot of time to develop convenient GUI for this. Just to port current QT wallet GUI there - is not solution.
So after all of that discussions the following decision was chosen.
QT wallet will saved and avaible to use. In the same time we will add GUI development to work queu with medium-low priority and develop it together with community.
This is question more about mathematics than about Interactive Decisions Chain Coin (IDC) generally or coin emission in particular.
Situations when a lot of MasterNodes are running over the Blockchain of any coin are typical. It usually means that ROI goes down, MasterNodes get it rewards seldom.
We found that issue and have solution for that.
While POW phase active, concurrent Masternodes running on network will be not limited. But on PoS only network, concurrent MasterNodes will be limited to 100 MasterNodes.

This strategy will make MasterNode ROI more attractive for investors.
To be released on Sunday June 23, 2019

Everything about Interactive Decisions DEX (ID.DEX)

Technical section ID.DEX

Yes, ID.DEX is true DEX. There are no exceptions there.
You can ask than how we do planning to connect third-party services like Meta Trader 5 server or FIAT partners to ID.DEX? Answer is simple - we'll do that with standardized connectors and data to this connectors will be just included to next blockchain as usual asset.
No, there are no any delay in information pull or push between ID.DEX and third-party applications. All transactions are going in real time.
It's not in global strategy map, but it's popular solutions and we will make everything to get it on board with high-priority. Our API almost ready for that.
You can find more information here:
Quantower — is a project, created by the team of fintech developers. It proposes high-functional online trading application for retail traders as well as solutions for businesses.

It also provides powerful user GUI (see graphics below):
Quantower trading view

Protrader (PTMC paltofrm)
PTMC is a powerful trading platform that allows trading on all major financial markets, such as Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex/CFDs.
Thanks to the wide range of charting and analytical functionality PTMC can meet the specific needs of even the most demanding traders.

PTMC trading and options view

Both of this clients requires strong connector integration with it Developers team's. We are going to proceed this process in 1-3 months after official ID.DEX launch to production. Check our Blog occasionally for new announcements. We are glad to do everything to allow you make your trades best and provide you professional tools for that.

Everything else

Misclelious Questions

Yes, we will open Join team section in contacts in first month of project running.
We always glad to meet new strong developers in our team.
Due to some limitations like code privacy before we done it, we are not ready to accept contractors on developers positions. Only 12 months contract and full identity verification.
Any contractors offers will be declined.
Thank you for understanding.
Level of compensation and opportunities will be discussed with successfull candidates.
Basic terms are listed below:
Salary offer on 10-15% more than similar position on market. 5 days working week in CET timezone. Remote work is possible.