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IDChain short-term roadmap for 2019 year

Find main check-points for year 2019 in our short roadmap.
Also please find attached detailed strategy of project in Documents section.
  • June 14, 2019. Blockchain launch
    IDC Coin launch. Windows/Linux Wallets. Block explorer. MasterNodes. No POS at this step. First masternode sell by fix price.
  • June 15, 2019. Initial presale
    Sell first MasterNodes as seed pre-sale. Form of sale - auction.
    TOP 5-buyers are transforming to shareholders of main project.
    KYC required. 1
  • June 2019. Additional versions
    of thunderscloud wallet releases, POS
    POS activation. MacOSX release. ARM based linux release. Hardware nodes release.
  • June 2019. Initial listing.
    Listing on one stock exchanges to force IDC re-circualtion and mining volume increasing. Exchange will be chosen together with community.
  • June 2019. Bounty campaign launch.
    To get more attention to the project we will launch a massive bounty campaign.
  • July 2019. Electrum wallet release
    Lightweight client-server wallet version for Windows, Linux and MacOSX release.
  • August 2019. Main events.
    We are launching a few important things here: completely new sections of website2 and DEX Beta version3.
  • September 2019. Most important time for IDChain project.
    IDChain v.2.0.0 release "Autumn rain". ID.DEX production version launch. Initial listed pairs: BTC / LTC, BTC / ETH, BTC / DOGE, BTC / WAC (Warranty chain), BTC / SOVE (Soverain), BTC / STREAM (Streamit), BTC / VERS (Verses), BTC / SPDR (SpiderVPS), BTC / CLR (Clear), BTC / ESBC (Esbc), BTC / OTO (Otocash), LTC / WAC, LTC / SOVE, LTC / STREAM, ETH / WAC, ETH / SOVE, ETH / STREAM, DOGE / WAC, DOGE / SOVE, DOGE / STREAM.
  • November 2019. POS Only.
    Hard-fork of IDC: only POS emission starting November 1, 2019. Meta Trader 5 server beta deploy. Final profit sharing scheme agreed between shareholders. All legal questions are solved.
  • January 2020. Mobile and tablets wallets beta-versions.
    iOS and Android wallets for IDC open beta-test. Dedicated tablet versions for iPad and Android Tablet.7

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