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Whats the difference and why you should stop your choice on ID.DEX

Comparing ID.DEX to other

At the moment there are about 3000 cryptoexchanges running over the internet. Dozens of crypto-exchanges opens and closes everyday. Low volume, low-skilled support, high fees, the lack of liability of owners, inconvenient GUI, complicated client application - all this can get your failure as result. We've spend much time on RND before we started development. Our main target was to make ID.DEX fast, secure, convenient, at peace with the law, low fee for developers and end-users.
Find difference between ID.DEX and others in comparing list below:

Traditional Exchange

Centralized exchnages usually have following characteristic attributes:

  • User friendly, easy to understanding GUI
  • KYC verification almost always required
  • All assets on hot/cold wallets and vulnrable for exchange attack
  • FIAT money deposit/withdraw support
  • Trading applications support
  • Smartphone market monitoring application
  • Delays in deposit/withdraws (Exchange can control this operations)
  • Exchange have toolkit to control user accounts and funds on it
  • Fees for orders, withdrawals - medium-high
  • Listing price expensive
  • Coin needs to be unique even if its paid listing
  • Support reacts and works slow. Tickets closing process slow.


We combined all the best in ID.DEX from centralized and DEX engines
  • Fast transactions processing
  • User friendly GUI
  • User friendly WEB trade terminal
  • Ultra-high security
  • Low fees
  • We are not in control of your funds
  • We cannot hold or cancel withdrawals or deposits1
  • We do not require KYC pass2
  • We provide fast and free support 24/7
  • We are open for any kind of innovations
  • We are the first who offered not ICO or basic masternode to buy, but your own % in company and stable income
  • We understand that we are growing and ready to hire more people in the team
  • We are sharing a responsibility with our users and exceeding the limit above authorized capital, instead of what usual LLC do
  • We are focused to provide high-aviability professional traders services like Meta Trader 5 or etc.
  • We are implementing some thing really new like CDA (Clone Detection Agent) or DFRS (Dynamic Fee Reducing System)
  • We clearly understand the difference between smartphone and tablet - thats why we are working to create two complitely different clients for our customers
  • We are planning to connenct FIAT gateways to our system3

Typical DEX

Decentralized Exchanges have less limitations with papers, but usually doesn't work with FIAT and are not convenient for user:
  • KYC verification required only for US registered DEX's
  • Doesn't allow you direct withdrawals in FIAT currency
  • User have to use client application for trading operations
  • Web GUI doesn't exist, or it client application port to Web verison
  • GUI not convenient, it's complicated for end-user
  • Professional trader toolkit doesn't supported. 3rd party trading applications doesn't have conenctors to DEX
  • Trading strategy's are limited
  • Fees for orders, withdrawals - low-medium
  • Listing price can be expensive if trade volume on current DEX is high
  • Paid and list anything (no code or idea check)
  • Support quality low - it uses own-coded support system, react slow, losing user data and tickets. Doesn't have connection between incedent and end-user account. Having issues to link incident to end-user and resolve it.

Dynamic Fee Reducing System (DFRS)

We already set a low trading fee, but we are ready to motivate our Customers to trade more and implementing Dynamic Fee Reducing System (DFRS). What does that mean? Many centralized exchanges have fee grading, which depends on the volume of customer trades. Almost every DEX offer you to pay Lifetime Member Fee, which is reducing your orders fee. We offer you something really different. Your fee going to be reduced without any additional charges. Trade more and get discounts.
  • We are calculating fee for each user based on it 6 months trading volume
  • Each traded BTC reduce your fee on 0.005%. It means that if your volume for six months will be more or equal to 20 BTC, you'll be not charged for any fee
  • You can always check your current DFRS level at your wallet. Volume gradation from 1 to 20 level show you your current discount.

Clone Detecion Agent

We maded special alerting service for our users and call it Clone Detection Agent (CDA). What is it and why you need it? When a developer submit his coin for listing and pays a listing fee, he ask us in fact about that listing (usual or fast-track). When we receive the payment, a timer starts and we have limited time to implement a coin wallet, create trading pairs and etc. But we also need to check what is going to be listed. Thats why we made this service.
  • CDA checking most popular GitHub repositories and searching for similar code
  • It has a criteria list with markers to differentiate real ones from clones
  • When we are starting implementation, we already have information about clonning
  • We are checking CDA reports, compare data from it to data from listing form
  • If idea of project completely different and coin code just a way to present project to Community - we are fine with this. If not we can warn our Customers about high risk of investments to such asset4

Investments in your future

All new projects offer is miners or token-holders a list of benefits for mining or holding coins/token. Usually ICO offer token sales, right now Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) becomes popular and gaining momentum for this year, new coins developers offer is miners initial masternodes for purchase, some DEX'es offer them tokens and pay dividens on it. All of this is already past. We are glad to present your our hybrid scheme.

We also will do initial sale and presale of masternodes, but the terms are completely different from others or typical market offers.
After auction persons who bought initial 5 masternodes will become full shareholders of ID.DEX, LLC and ID.DEX, JSC (after transformation), will participate in decision making and will promote us and our community. Full list or terms and conditions of shareholders will be delivered to buyers after auction ends and nodes are sold-out.
Any nodes purchased after initial-sale or pre-sale will have no voting rights or any affection to shareholders.
Shares % will be distributed by following rules:
  • 1st node - 1% of total shares
  • 2nd node - 2% of total shares
  • 3rd node - 3% of total shares
  • 4th node - 4% of total shares
  • 5th node - 5% of total shares

Any nodes since sixth node (in case of initial-sale "Rabbit in the hat" and pre-sale there will be 6 MasterNodes which are ready to launch) will be sold by auction to any person, who wish to buy it, but not more than 5 nodes in total amount. It means that after auction network will contain not more than 11 running MasterNodes. People who bought "Shareholders Nodes" will receive all information about next steps in direct messages from Developers after auction ends.
After january 1st, 2020 hardfork we will proceed consensus to PoS only migration. This hardfork will also limit MasterNodes number which can run concurrent in IDC network. Running nodes will be chosen by following algorithm: initial-sale node, pre-sale nodes, next nodes which was started first up to hundredth node and including it. All rest nodes will lost blockchain registration, but coins locked in it will become to participate in PoS emission.

1 - basic clients which are not affected by KYC are not applied to any restrictions for transcations.
2 - any operations which are not involved with professional trading or FIAT connector doesn't required KYC.
3 - usually DEX'es have no FIAT connectors, but in our business vision it's required. FIAT operation will require Custmoer KYC verification (our support always glad to help you) and depending on KYC level will have limits. Russia and CIS countries have it own payment systems and deposit/withdrawal connectors, own fees, own Russian speaking support for such operations. More informations about dates of implementation can be found at Detailed strategy map.
4 - by our User Agreement p. 1 and User Agreement p. 2 we are giving you no advice according to section 11 of this Agreement, but, we can not refuse listing and warn our Customers about potential SCAM or ponzi scheme.
5 - by initial sale we understand to sell one MasterNode for fixed price 0,25 BTC.